Caring, Worship & Fellowship


To Our Mountain View Church Family:

As we seek to do what we can to meet your needs during these days & weeks when “social distancing” is being encouraged and public gatherings of ten or more people are not being allowed here in Weld County, we would like to know if or how we can help to serve or minister to you.

  • HELP US CARE FOR YOU: If you would like to have one of our Elders or Pastors telephone you to check on you once or on an ongoing basis, PLEASE let us know by responding to this email or emailing the church office if you are reading this online.  Make sure we have your name and telephone number by including them in your response.  These calls can be for the purpose of simply checking up with you to see how you are doing, praying with you over the phone, sharing a verse of Scripture, &/or giving you an opportunity to let us know if there is a practical way we might serve you — such as picking up a prescription for you or doing some grocery shopping for you. We are asking you to “opt in” by responding to this email or contacting us so that we can focus on those who desire this extra contact.
  • WORSHIP THROUGH LEARNING FROM GOD’S WORD: While we can & should be worshiping God in all we do every day, I would like to encourage you to worship as families &/or in small groups with people you normally spend time with. To help you worship through learning from God’s Word we are planning to live stream my message on Philippians 4:4-7 from our almost empty Mountain View Church worship area this next Sunday and we hope to have things set up so those of you who have Facebook accounts can log in and view the live stream by accessing it through our Mountain View Church Facebook page ( ) at 8:30 AM.  After the live stream is over it should also be available on demand through our Facebook page for the next week or so. And, for those without a Facebook account, Pastor Rick will be working between now and Sunday to see if we can get the video posted to our dedicated Mountain View Church YouTube channel ( which Pastor Mike (who is “on vacation” this week) has just set up for us.
  • WORSHIP & FELLOWSHIP IN REALLY SMALL GROUPS: This next Sunday, March 22nd, we are going to make it possible for those of you who desire to get out and worship in song, pray, and encourage a few others in person to do so.  Beginning at 10:00 AM Pastor Rick and I will be in the Worship Center Chapel — making ourselves available to small groups of up to 7 other people at a time who would like to spend 20-30 minutes singing, praying, and encouraging one another. Pastor Rick will play hymns by request and we will also have song sheets available with words to some modern songs.  If this is of interest to you please do the following:
    • Contact any others with whom you might want to meet for this singing, prayer, and fellowship & decide with your other group members which “time slots” you would prefer to have;
    • Call our church office (330-1830) during business hours (before Friday at 4:30 PM) to speak with Wanda to let us know about your group and to sign up for a set time that has not already been claimed.
    • Plan to come to the Worship Center Chapel at your agreed upon time.

We will plan to meet with as many groups of people (up to 7 in a group) as are interested with scheduled start times of 10:0010:3011:00, & 11:30.  And, we will fill these time slots on a first-call, first-claimed basis. If you would like to participate but do not have a group of people whom you know can meet with you, simply call and let us know of your interest and we will form a group that includes you.

Please continue to pray for one another and for our civic leaders.

–Pastor Bruce

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