A Personal Note From Pastor Bruce


I have found much that has encouraged me over these past weeks — including calls, texts, emails, online messages, and snail mail cards from some of you who are reading this.  I have been encouraged to know that God’s people are reaching out to one another — whether through phone calls, messages, sewing face masks, or delivering groceries, etc. I have also found encouragement from reminders in hymns and songs that God has led others to write and perform.  If you would like to be reminded of what God has done for us and encouraged as you prepare for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, I would recommend two songs by Keith and Kristyn Getty — “Christ Our Hope in Life and Death” & “His Mercy is More”.  You can find video versions of these songs with lyrics online at:

May we be able to rejoice, regardless of any of our other circumstances that, thanks to God’s grace through faith in Christ, while “Our sins they are many — His mercy is more!”  

–Pastor Bruce

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