Sunday Reservations


Church Family:

Just a “heads up” on a couple of things as we head into July:  

  1. Reservations will no longer be required in order to participate in our three Sunday morning worship services (8:00, 9:30, & 11:00).  Up to this point we have been able to accommodate those worshiping with us while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. The only worship services where we have come close to “maxing out” our main worship area have been at the 11:00 services.  If we experience a larger than “new normal” number of worshipers at any of our future services, we may have to encourage some who arrive last to worship in the Chapel or in the Lobby.
  2. While we are making disposable face masks available, we are not requiring that you wear one. If you choose to worship with us, please do so understanding and accepting the reality that a majority of attendees are choosing to not wear face masks.
  3. Reservations — which can be made online through our website by going to the calendar page under the events tab — are still being required for our Sunday Morning Adult Christian Education Classes.  This is necessary because of the limited number of people we can accommodate in the space where these classes meet.  You can choose to show up without registering — but, if you do so, those with reservations will be given first priority in the event of “too many” people showing up.
  4. If you are at all concerned for any reason about being exposed to COVID-19 (or any other disease) and especially if you are in a “high-risk” group due to pre-existing underlying conditions, please choose to worship with us online through our website, our Mountain View Facebook page or our YouTube channel. 

May God be gracious to you.  May He give comfort to those of you who need it.  May He give encouragement to those who are discouraged.  And, may He use each of us to be a blessing to others in the days ahead!

–Pastor Bruce

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