Serve as Christ

God Has Gifted You

Each of us has different talents, skills, knowledge and abilities. Sometimes we know exactly what those are and how to use them. Other times, we must discover them through work, maybe through the work of others. And in rare occasions, God reveals them directly to us. The Bible calls these gifts and God wants you to use what He gave you. This is our obligation as Christians; to learn, teach, help and serve one another, just as Christ did.

We may not know what gifts God has given you. If you know of a need in the church and would like to fill that need, please let us know. Maybe it’s something you can do alone. Maybe there’s a need for you and a few others. The needs above may fit you perfectly. Then again, they may not. If God has placed something on your heart to help fill a need in the church. Let us know and we can come alongside to let your gifts shine for the Lord.

How Can You Help

Places To Serve



Serve once a month in the Nursery during one of the services. In this way, families are able to worship together while knowing the child is in a protective environment.

Children’s Church

Everyone has been changed and inspired by a teacher. Each of us has the responsibility to help a child grow and know Jesus Christ.


The church is in need of Sunday Morning Greeters to welcome and guide families.


Help people before, during and after services with bulletins and communion.

Education Monitor

Looking for individuals to provide safety and security in the class room hallway during Christian Education.

Worship Tech Team

Like tech and want to serve during worship services? We could use your help with video operations.