Praise God


It is our aim to promote the individual and corporate praise and worship of Jesus Christ! Through the use of the Arts and Technology, Mountain View strives to provide as many avenues as possible for participation in worship ministry. All who are involved with the Worship Ministries are committed to the principles and policies of Mountain View and the Evangelical Free Church of America. Here are a few of the ways to be involved in our Worship Department:

Worship Team

Our worship teams consist of 3-5 person vocal groups who help lead worship in our Sunday morning services. Our singers participate in leading the music as well as encouraging the spiritual growth of our congregation in the area of praise and worship. It is not uncommon for an individual on our team to share a Scripture passage, a prayer, or even a personal testimony during our Sunday morning services. Our worship team vocalists typically start by singing in the worship choir and are invited to join the worship team as positions are available. Worship team rehearsals are at the Worship Center on Thursdays starting at 6:30 p.m.
Woman Leading Worship

Worship Band

The worship band consists of instrumentalists who accompany the worship team on Sunday mornings. Our band includes guitarists, keyboardists, drummers, bass players, and more. Band members are encouraged to attend Thursday evening rehearsals and are required to attend rehearsals at 8:15 on Sunday mornings. We are always looking for more talented instrumentalists who have a heart for worship!

Women Leading Worship

Drama Team

Are you gifted and able to give any of your time and energy in this area of worship ministry? Drama presentations have become more and more common in our regular worship times. As we continue planning to expand the use of drama in our regular worship services, we are praying for the right mix of people to help develop this ministry. This is such an exciting way to help teach the Gospel and express worship to God in our Sunday worship services!
Image of Sound Mixing Board

Technical Team

This is one of the most important ministries within the Worship Department at Mountain View. As we  continue to expand the use of technology in our worship times, it becomes more and more crucial to have talented operators for our video and sound systems. If you have experience with computers or sound equipment and enjoy the challenge of new technology, this might be a great way for you to join in ministry!

Sound Computer Station


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